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Tested and certified by Wilhelm Imaging Research for print permanence.

Our Giclee Fine Art Media provide an excellent bright white point without the use Optical Brightner Additives which decay over time and tints colors an unpleasant yellow.

Giclee CANVAS Print Prices

Prices are subject to change. Errors will be corrected verbally or on the next revision.

Price discounts based on quantity are intended for the same image‡.

Fine Art CANVAS 1-1/2" Borders
(PDF File)

Fine Art CANVAS 3" Borders
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White Canvas Borders are trimmed plus or minus 1/2" depending on how the print(s) are arranged on the sheet during printing.

‡The same image is intended, however different images can sometimes be used to achieve a total quantity discount if the images are of the same size.

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Prices are subject to change. Errors will be corrected verbally or on the next revision.

Stretching the Canvas

We will be glad to demonstrate how to stretch your own canvas so that you may save even more money because our goal is for you to purchase your art at prices that you can make a profit on when you sell it.

Archival Coating

Our archival UV / moisture-resistant coating technique provides one of the best looking UV/moisture barriers you will ever see. We spent thousands of dollars to eliminate the streaks and surface blemishes that plague some coating products and techniques. We provide a full protective get-it-wet coating—not a "misting" that some companies offer. It definitely has a wow factor, and it comes standard on every canvas print you receive.

Sunset by Fredrix Archival Canvas

Legacy Fine Art Printers uses Sunset by Fredrix Archival Canvas. This is a textured, 20 mil, Bright White, consistent Poly Cotton Blend Matte Canvas using an acid-free, neutral pH coating.

Sunset by Fredrix Archival Canvas is certified archival by Wilhelm Imaging Reseach.

The end of the price list is never the end of the story:

No matter who prints your work, ensure that they are using a color-managed workflow so that your giclee prints will look the same as your artist proof should you ever need to print at another color-managed shop.

Our work is industry standard. The only thing that will prevent you from obtaining a print that looks just like your artist proof is that you are visiting a print shop that has inferior equipment, or they do not calibrate their equipment to industry standards using modern color management software and hardware. That is a fact.